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Government & Nonprofit


As stated on our home page, we perform a variety of services to a wide range of governmental and non-profit clients, including but not limited to municipalities, public, private and charter schools, public power and utility associations, unions, fire districts, soil conservation districts, parent teacher organizations and other Governmental and Nonprofit entities.


Through our experience, continuing education and firm goals, we understand the nature of the work in performing audits and other management services and always strive to complete such work in a timely and professional manner.


Our size allows us to provide various customized services at a reasonable cost and with proper supervision. The following is a general list of the services provided:




Statutory Audits

Single Audits

Operational Audits

Program Specific Audits



Preparation or Review





Debt Management

Annual Debt Statement Preparation

Supplemental Debt Statement     


Debt Analysis and Planning

Preparation of Official Statements

Secondary Market Disclosures

Verification of Refinancing Issues

Other Non-Attest Services

Preparation of Procedural


Preparation of Annual Unaudited

   Financial Statements

Feasibility and Rate Studies

Projection and Forecasts

Internal Control Design,  

   Evaluation and Monitoring

Preparation of Various Aid Applications

Agreed Upon Procedures Engagements

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