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Firm Profile


Nightlinger, Colavita & Volpa, P.A. is a local firm performing work throughout South Jersey.


Our firm was established in 1960 by Larry and Agnes Nightlinger. We are a full-service Certified Public Accounting Firm specializing in Government Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and data processing. We provide various services for several types of governmental, non-profit and commercial clients. With regard to Information Technology, we began providing data processing on our own hardware to our various government and commercial clients in 1978, long before it was fashionable. We have come a long way since processing on our IBM 5103 Tape Drive Computer.


The required AICPA quality peer review was performed on our firm in November, 2021 in accordance with the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants in the issuance of an unqualified report opinion, which is the highest level of opinion obtainable. We also are an approved New Jersey Continuing Education Sponsor.


The philosophy of our firm has remained the same for 50 years, that being to provide timely service in a wide range of areas with quality being our first concern. As supported by our diversified client base, longevity has been routinely shown even in this highly volatile industry. This has been achieved by continuously planning ahead and always considering the best interest of our clients. We pledge to continue in our tradition of service wherever selected.


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